Hire Me

Here are the types of new business I’m willing to take on:

  1. I help enterprise IT leadership in developing strategy around software software products, software design, architecture, development and rollout
  2. I help software team leadership troubleshoot and develop strategies for improving quality in strategic code assets

Some of the stuff I used to do — teaching and coaching various technologies and OO design — I now offer through my close association with Wilderness Software. Tell them Mike sent you.

I’m most interested in working on (in no particular order)

  1. Anything around mitigating/reversing anthropogenic climate change, transition to Carbon-Zero or (better) Carbon-Negative economics will get my attention
  2. Sustainability and sustainable energy and food solutions
  3. Work on federated or distributed systems to enhance privacy and individual agency, replace/disrupt surveillance-feudalist people-farmers
  4. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions, but please don’t try and interest me in any ICO nonsense

Get in Touch

To inquire about any of these lines of business, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Actually, feel free to reach out about anything.

Email me directly.